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Acupressure for Beauty and Youth

What is a secret of Chinese women to maintain their beauty and youth health?

Always be in a positive mood, move more, eat simple food, sleep as much as the body needs on a daily basis ... and 10 minutes of stimulation SanYinJiao (SP6) point on each ankle daily!

SanYinJiao ”Three Yin Intersection” point is a very important point, especially for women. After all, it provides an opportunity to confront the age and preserve youth. In combination with the stimulation of other points, SanYinJiao (SP6) can improve the function of the ovaries, and the effect will be much more noticeable.
As many Acupuncture books shows, it has restoring effect on the monthly cycle in women, strengthens the intestines, stimulates urination, establishes the work of the reproductive system and has calming effect on the nerves.

Where is the SanYinJiao (SP6) point located?

It is located on the medial side of lower leg, 3 cun (3 thumb width) superior to the prominence of the medial malleolus.


This point can be stimulated by pressing with your finger or taping using massage hammer.

What is so magical in this point for Women's Health?

1. It adjusts the monthly cycle; reduce spots, pimples and wrinkles.

in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this point is the intersection of the channels of Kidneys, Liver and Spleen. From TCM point of view, the Spleen is an organ responsible for the production and promotion of blood and Qi energy. The Liver is responsible for the storage of blood and the Kidneys are storing the essence and controlling water. The secret lies in the fact that if the body of a woman circulates enough Blood and Qi, without any stagnation, it directly affects the course of menstruation. The regularity of the menstrual cycle is the key to improve the appearance of body acne, spots and wrinkles.

However, we need to know that such transformations cannot be expected after just one session. Not less than one month after daily stimulation, you will see the first results on your face. 2. Eliminates sagging skin and strengthens the muscles of the face.

Chinese doctors believe that the responsibility for the elasticity of the muscle lies on the Spleen, dominating the muscles and providing vigour and bulk.

“If the ladies after reaching forty years have a sincere desire to prevent sagging muscles of the chest, abdomen and face, then they need to massage every night SanYinJiao point, not forgetting the balanced nutrition.”

3. SanYinJiao point improves the activity of the uterus and ovaries.

The ovaries are the main organs responsible for the youth of a woman. Therefore, to maintain their health, it is recommended to stimulate SanYinJiao( SP6) and some other important active points, located in the lower abdomen:

Point GuanYuan “Gate of Origin” (Ren4), located on the midline, 3cun(3 thumb width) inferior to the umbilicus,

Point QiHai ”Sea of Qi” (Ren6) located 1,5cun(1,5 thumb width) inferior to the umbilicus,

Point ShenQue “Spirit Gateway”(Ren8)located in the centre of the umbilicus.

Acupressure of these 4 points on a daily basis will stimulate the activity of the ovaries and uterus, stimulate the movement of qi energy through the energy channels and help preserve youth.

How to perform acupressure?

The acupressure point should be stimulated every day with your thumb, the strongest among the other fingers on a hand.

SanYinJiao( SP6) is a very important point in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The special importance is given to it as a harmonizing point.

The main role of the point of SanYinJiao( SP6) is restoring harmony function of the Spleen, as it is its responsibility in promoting blood and qi energy in the body.

As already mentioned above, the important point to restore normal operation of digestive tract.

In addition, this point is responsible for ensuring that all human organs were in their places, as created by nature, and the blood circulate freely through the veins and arteries. It can be affective for such disbalances as pain in the lower abdomen and external genital organs, pain before and during menstruation, muscle atrophy, dizziness, blurred vision and insomnia.


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