Chinese Art of Love

The Yellow Emperor asked his doctor: - I lost vitality and harmony. In my heart there is no more joy. My body was emaciated and susceptible to disease. What should I do?

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The doctor replied: - The reason for the weakness of men is the fact that they use the wrong ways of interaction of male and female. In this case, woman is superior to man, as water exceeds the fire, extinguishing it. If you understand it and properly use it, you will enjoy the five pleasures. One, who does not know this, shortens his life.

Chinese Art of Love

Unfortunately, we don’t know which five joys the doctor meant. However, it is easy to imagine the pleasure and joy that can come when connecting yin and yang. What the doctor meant when he said that a woman is superior to man?

The ancient Chinese knew that during ejaculation man loses more vitality than women during orgasm, and therefore woman is superior to man. They came from the fact that semen energy nourishes woman. It is also believed that a woman with a strong Yang nourishes man, if he ejaculates semen as seldom as possible. Ideally, intercourse serves the purpose of strengthening the vital energy both men and women. This happens when exchanging fluids and Qi.

The noblest purpose of sexual intercourse was such perfection Yin essence of life, so that energy could climb up and nourish the mind, thereby serving as a spiritual development. In addition, learning to hold the ejaculation allowed the man to experience the highest pleasure and intense orgasms. Since it has been known that a woman needs more time to excite Yang, a man considered a natural duty to restrain their Yang energy, reaching a peak much faster.

Of course, this is a brief description of sexual connotations in China

"If she (the woman) nourishes their femininity by male, many diseases disappear; face is radiant, skin is smooth and clean, the years will not affect its appearance, and age does not affect the face."

Sexual act in conjunction with meditation exercises was a means of strengthening the vital energy to attain spiritual maturity and health. This high level of carnal love, informed and responsive, attitude to each other, leads to the heights of each copulation pleasure. It can serve as an example for a hasty West.

And today "modern" Taoist knows that after reaching a peak of bliss, jade rod and cave should remain for some time in unity, to the male semen and juices vagina could mingle. This exchange enhances the health and vitality of both partners.

From the viewpoint of energy, it helps to reveal the satisfaction of the sexual instincts of women. It becomes more cheerful and serene. At the same time, it becomes possible to learn from the strengths of its partner. If a woman is more reserved and shy, an affair with a sociable man will teach her to overcome the restraint. Conversely, under the influence of a gentle friend, a snapper will develop certain friendliness sooner or later. Energy metabolism in the process of satisfying sexual needs is one of the most mysterious and wonderful gifts of love. It manifests primarily where each partner is more concerned about the happiness of others than for their own satisfaction, and it is driven by an inner urge, and not fear to discover their sexual desires.

TCM point of view for sexual problems.

Qi energy, congenital and acquired from food and air, is stored in the Kidneys. Both together they form the basis for Yang (fire) and Yin (juice) of the Kidneys. Fire Kidney is the basis of life and love energy, confidence, sexuality, potency, libido and sexual power. Juices Kidneys form the basis of female fertility, endurance, the ability to execute our plans, capacity for intimacy and tenderness, the ability to open and give.

From a Western perspective, Dysfunctions of sexual life originates in the existing problems, as troubled relationships, trauma, suppressed childhood memories. While these violations do not go beyond neurosis, they are purely psychic nature and can be cured by psychotherapy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is acting differently. On the one hand, any dysfunction always has many different causes, including congenital constitution, relationships with parents, the imprint imposed by the social environment, as well as nutrition and climatic conditions.

On the other hand, spiritual experiences, for example, the events of early childhood, not only manifested in the form of disturbances in emotional and sexual sphere, but in addition are always reflected in the energy and organic level. Conversely, adverse effects, such as an external cooling and cold foods cause disturbances in emotional and sexual sphere. From the perspective of a holistic approach, sexual disorders require action at both the organic and on the mental level.

Any imbalance in the organic level affects mental health, the ability to love and sexuality. The ability to achieve sexual pleasure and experience suffers most when disharmony in the Kidneys and Heart occurs.

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