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Gua Sha Traditional Treatment Tecnoque for Everyday Life

Gua sha (guā shā), meaning "scraping sha-bruises", is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising. It is believed that Gua Sha releases unhealthy elements from injured areas  and stimulates blood flow and healing. 

The most commonly used tool is called a “gua sha ban” (刮痧板 literally meaning gua sha board) and this can be made from horned animal bones, water buffalo horn, or jade.


A ceramic chinese  spoon , a  coin or a jar’s lid are commonly

used tools as well.

What are the Benefits of Gua Sha?

As blood flow is decreased anytime we have a spasm or injury, both lactic and uric acid can get trapped underneath the skin or within a bound up muscle due to the lack of drainage. By letting your body get rid of this old stagnant blood, new and healthier blood cells can be created.  Once your body releases excess waste, it can then allow your new cells to efficiently absorb more nutrients.


Gua Sha helps to normalize cellular metabolic processes and release toxic waste from your deep cellular tissues.


In other words, Gua Sha is a body detoxification and deep massage technique.

How does it look like?

This sha (red splotches) is a positive sign for an initial treatment as it lets you know changes are happening in the underlying muscle tissue and fascia.


The sha usually fades within 2 to 4 days. If it takes longer to fade, this often indicates poor blood circulation and the practitioner should provide you with further advice on how to improve your overall circulation. 


With continuous Gua Sha treatments, the sha will start to fade faster which will be a good sign since it’s an indication of better blood circulation.

When to use Gua Sha?

Gua Sha can be used when a patient has pain, a tension in the muscles. It is also used to prevent the common cold, flu,           bronchitis, asthma, as well as any other chronic disorders that involve the congestion of blood and Qi.  It has shown very good results for treating headaches and improving condition of the patient with fibromyalgia.


As a great tool for increasing blood circulation, Gua Sha is often used for cosmetic treatment, but the performing technique is

much softer and left no burses.


Gua Sha is the safest, easiest and most natural way to release build up of toxins in your body and allow nutrients in for a stronger and healthier body.  

Although it is painless, the peteciae may look like bruises, or as if you were whipped. It is best to do this treatment on your off days or over the weekend especially if it is around your neck and arms area.

Gua Sha all over the world.

Gua sha is known in Vietnam as cạo gió. This term translates roughly "to scrape wind", as in Vietnamese culture "catching a cold" or fever is often  referred to as trúng gió, "to catch wind". Cạo gió is an extremely common remedy in Vietnam.


 It is also used in Indonesia, and in Java it is know as kerikan (lit., "scraping technique") or kerokan, and it is very widely used, as a form of folk medicine.

It was also used in India for treatment of high fever symptoms. People used metal spoon and water for skin lubrication. A scrapping technique, similar to Gua Sha, is used by some shamans in Siberia and North America.


As the technique is simple and easy to use, Gua Sha is popular in Asia, and the results are often fast and effective.

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